Sports massage (deep tissue) 

Sports massage on leg

Sports massage (deep tissue massage)

Is for anyone suffering with tension and muscular pain it is not just for sports people.  After completing an assessment which looks at the body as a whole and what could be causing your pain a specific prescribed massage using a range of techniques is carried out to target your niggles.

It doesn't just stop in clinic, if necessary we will also discuss an action plan that you can carry out at home such as exercises, stretches and hot/cold treatment to ensure that you have the optimum effective recovery as soon as possible.  

*Myth buster* it doesn't have to be excruciating pain to be effective! In fact I strongly believe that it is completely counterproductive if this is the case which is why I always ask for feedback if the pressure is too much.  My aim is to alleviate your pain not cause you more.  

I Saunders

"Michelle really knows her stuff i've got a lifetime injury in my left leg which she has identified and has made me feel a million times better and most of all feels as if I have a new leg.  Yesterday and past sessions have all been brilliant and I feel as if I can move more freely instead of a back feeling like concrete.  Thank you so much and look forward to my next session."